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JB Tabuzo

JB Tabuzo is a visual artist who portrays the complexities of human emotions through different mediums. 

His early works revolved around visual storytelling in the form of silent comics and illustrations. His self published silent comics entitled, ‘The Girl in my Journal’ and ‘Danbo’ where his ode to love and grief. 

JB has now progressed into acrylic painting and ceramic sculpture, incessantly exploring the similarities in human and animal experiences and all the familiar unconventionalities to survive, to belong, to love, to exist. 

The fox, an instinctive, clever, and resilient creature, is a central figure to JB’s works. In his acrylic paintings, the fox is typically seen in a modern day city, engulfed by the artist’s signature hazy use of purple undertones. In his ceramic sculptures, the fox takes on a feline-like portrayal, fully capturing the creature’s solitary nature. 

The untamed fox is ultimately the artist’s muse — a conduit to convey fundamental yet transformative emotions that make humans, humans: grief, pain, love, and contentment.

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