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Look at She in the eyes

Imagine the haze in her eyes, when she needed to let go the love she came to have. For the lesson was learned and she need to let him go.

But how can she? when she was deep in the pothole already.

How can she? when every 3pm, she’d be waiting for him at the same spot everyday.

How can she? When everybeating hour, all she can do was wait for him but his heart belonged to someone already. His heart belonged to himself and to the rose and it wasnt ready.

The only selfless love for she, was to see him more happy. Happier than when he was with she.

Where is she? I hope she has found bliss with the heart as generous as she has. Maybe she was already okay, and thats what she needed to know. But because this is all a beautiful story, unfortunately, everyone focused on him, since everyone loves a good story.

I hope none of us loves like the ones in novels and movies like the Little Prince. Love doesnt always have to be selfless, as the pattern shows that such always ends up beautifully tragic.

// Gouache on paper with Digital touch-ups

Original artwork available at Trabi Cafe, Rizal

Prints available during Sticky Expo at SMX on September 18, 2022.

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